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I’m stealing a hotel’s Internet connection and there’s a kid sitting next to me who looks exactly like cristiano ronaldo

and I mean exactly


Free! Second Season Countdown (9/85)

ending - Splash Free

i made a lot of friends in the trans community in ankara this year ^o^/)

((((did u hear that i maDE FRIENDS))))




what a fucking loser
—me, to me, about me (via protective)

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me: *logs into tumblr for the first time in three months*
tumblr: i hate cis ppl
me: *logs out for three months*








how hard is stuff to understand

Shut up, you’re trash

The girl who made this is 13 years old and trying to spread the message that it’s shitty to bully people for their gender identity. You and your psychotic followers are harassing someone who is barely a teenager just because she’s not brainwashed into believing that trans people are all holy angels who should be praised and coddled simply for being trans. Calling you trash would be a fucking compliment.

I don’t know whether to be really happy or want to vomit over the fact that a 13 year old gets this better than a bunch of high school and college graduates.


This is why cisphobia doesn’t exist. You do not suffer from a system of oppression that effects the level of comfort, opportunity, and happiness that you can achieve in life for being cis. The only place you are ever going to be made uncomfortable for being cis is here on tumblr. You can log out and enter a world where you will never have to think twice about being cis. Trans people can not. You need to learn that there is a difference between someone on the internet being mean to you and actual oppression. 

I think the point of this is that hating on someone because they’re cis is unnecessary and harmful. Some nonbinary people have told cis people, like a user above, that they’re trash, scum, and they should kill themselves. AND THAT IS NEVER OKAY.

In addition, just because someone is cis does not mean that they do not face oppression on a different angle. Someone who identifies as cis may be gay, bi, or ace. They may be black, Native American, etc. These groups do face oppression. And here’s the kicker: being cis does not mean that they don’t have problems. They could be autistic and have to deal with hateful people who want to “cure” them. Maybe they have bipolar disorder. Maybe they’re depressed.

I hate the word privileged. I hate it how people will throw that word around like we’re in some dystopian novel. Gender identity is just one facet of a human being.

The best way to help someone understand about nonbinary genders and transgenderism is educate, not rip them apart. We have to be patient when people make mistakes. “But it’s not my job to teach them!” Yes, it is. Refusing to help someone understand and then calling them scum for it doesn’t make you a victim, but a jackass.

“But they can just log out and not face the hate.” True, but if that person is called scum and has been told that they’re better off dead, you don’t think that won’t bleed into the real world? Do you think if they hear someone discussing transgenderism, they’re going to react positively? We need as much as support as possible. Being an ass is the fastest way for someone to not join your cause.

Bolding the best bit of that guy’s stuff right there

not even cis but fully agree w this

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I might have a chance of finding some royal talens yesssss


Man i love hetalia so much because the idea of personifying nations and telling history in such a different way is a great idea and it could have easily gone in a really serious and sad direction

but no instead the result was


I just really want Italy to win



i will actually date the person who’ll go to big hero 6 w/ me

i was gonna go see it anyway’ so i mean’ if i get a date out of it ;)

even better amiriteeee

if things don’t turn out well…..
it’s been fun.